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Votes for Women (And Other Lies)

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About Us

Empty Box Theatre Company (Founded 2009) is a non-profit Toronto theatre company that emphasizes storytelling and challenges traditional audience-performer relationships. We are interested in re-staging the classics and creating new collaborative plays. Our work often looks at gender politics, camp, wordplay, mythical and historical themes, and can be site-specific, immersive, feminist and political. Our company is dedicated to colour-conscious casting, and featuring the work of artists from all backgrounds.

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Banner photography from various productions.

Cover Photography by Erin Foley. Photograph taken at a publicity session for Tartuffe (2011).
Actors (L-R): Back Row: Reece Presley, Signy Lynch, Tom Hinchliffe, Mark Rodrigues. Middle Row: Tia McGregor, John Gallant, Samantha Wymes. Front Row: Erik Scribner, Anna Kidd


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