A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection


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A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection, Toronto Fringe Festival 2013, Empty Box Theatre Company
Empty Box Theatre Company, Toronto Fringe Festival 2013, Fringe, A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection, Keavy Lynch, Emerging Artists, Devised Theatre, Theatre
A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection, Toronto Fringe Festival 2013, Empty Box Theatre Company



A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection

Vivisection: (from Latin vivus, "alive" and sectio, "cutting").

Grave-robbing! Cat dissections! Petticoats! Based on a bizarrely true story, this gruesome dramedy follows the Queen’s University medical class of 1884 as they adjust to the first lady students, new scientific ideas, and the marvelously mad world of Victorian medicine.

Keavy Lynch
Created by: Ryan Armstrong, Damien Doepping, Emma Farant, Anna Kidd, Signy Lynch, Brendan Stern, Samantha Wymes
Cast: Andrew Berghout, Robert Elliott, Signy Lynch, Alex Olley, Jonathan Phillips, Reece Presley, Samantha Wymes
Running Time: 90min.
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Warnings: Sexual Content, Mature Language

Location: The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse (79A St George St), Toronto, ON

Show Times:

Thursday, July 4th @ 10:30pm
Saturday, July 6th @ 5:15pm
Monday, July 8th @ 6:45pm
Tuesday, July 9th @ 12:45pm
Wednesday, July 10th @ 1:45pm
Saturday, July 13th @ 8:45pm
Sunday, July 13th @ 1:45pm

At-the-door tickets: $10
At-the-door tickets are available at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
starting one hour prior to show time - cash sales only.


Advance tickets: $11
50% of tickets are available for sale in advance.
Advance tickets go on sale June 15th, 2013.

Purchase online: fringetoronto.com
By Phone: 416-966-1062, ext 1.
In Person: During the Festival Box Office in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s
(581 Bloor St W).


NOW Magazine - "This vividly titled play explores the early days of co-ed medical training and the illusion of progress. In a series of well written vignettes by director Keavy Lynch and the company, the struggles of women and men wanting to become doctors in mid-nineteenth century Ontario are explored, with both silly and macabre humour."

Mooney on Theatre- "Overall, A Young Lady’s Guide To Vivisection is a play that ought to tour the country. It stands as a testament to how far we’ve come in terms of how we view women’s roles in society as well as how far we have left to go"

Charlebois Post - "Empty Box Theatre have chosen a unique subject to bring to the Fringe"   "academically intriguing – the company has done its research"

Life With More Cowbell Blog - "A highly entertaining and informative look at female medical students taking part in the first co-ed program at Queen’s University. Energetic, fun ensemble cast – love the cross-casting..."

A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection, Toronto Fringe Festival 2013, Empty Box Theatre Company

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