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Vera Oscar Wilde Empty Box Theatre Company 2010 Keavy Lynch Conor Corrigan

Banner Photography by April Capper, Minnie-Marie Harris and Erica Nauta.                                     Actors (L-R) 1. Hayley Malouin, Victoria Cutler 2. Brittany Stewart, Victoria Cutler, Katlyn Jarrett, Hayley Malouin, Marie Johnson 3. Brittany Stewart, Marie Johnson. 4. Derek Ewert, Kristy Bird, Erik Bell. 5. James Keating, Andrew Berghout, Brent Cairns, Derek Ewert. 6. Erik Bell, Kristy Bird.

Photograph of Vera (2010) curtain call by Patrick Lynch.                                                                                     Actors (L-R): Oliver Parkins, Emma Farant, David Pearsall, Signy Lynch, Hannah Smith, Satah Cameron, Alex Whitehead, Dan Birt, John Gallant, Goldwin Stewart

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