Ladies and Germaphobes

Empty Box Theatre Company Presents:

Ladies and Germaphobes

A Workshop Production

Our show follows the lives of Queen’s University medical students in the 1880s, and their encounters with brilliant new medical discoveries, grave robbing, and the introduction of the first female medical students.

 July 5th-7th 2012                                                                                                 Domino Theatre, 52 Church St.                                                                            Kingston, ON

Grave Robbing, Medical Students,

and Victorian Drama!

Local history is the focus of Empty Box Theatre Company’s new show Ladies and Germaphobes; an original play about Queen’s medical students in the early 1880s and their struggles to become doctors. The 1880s were an exciting time for the faculty, with new discoveries in medicine, several instances of grave robbing (to acquire subjects for dissection), and the admittance of the first female medical students- all at a time when leeches were still used to treat a variety of conditions!

The show is the company’s first Collaborative theatre piece – where the script was developed by the cast and crew through extensive research, improvisation and experimentation. The cast features talented actor/creators, many of whom are currently attending Queen’s University. The company looked through medical anatomy books, old advertisements for patent medicines, and even the journals of one of the students in order to gain the best understanding possible of the historical context and events.                                                                            

The show runs July 5th- 7th at 8:00 and July 7th at 2:00 at the new Domino Theatre (52 Church Street). Tickets are $10 general admission, and are available at the door. To reserve tickets, email


Empty Box Theatre Company Ladies and Germaphobes Theatre Youth Keavy Lynch

Cast & Crew

Ryan Armstrong

Damien Doepping

Emma Farant

Anna Kidd

Keavy Lynch

Signy Lynch

Brendan Stern

Samantha Wymes

 Top photo by Erin Foley. Actors L-R: Signy Lynch, Ryan Armstrong, Brendan Stern, Samantha Wymes, Damien Doepping

Middle photo by Eva Kidd: Actors L-R: Brendan Stern, Samantha Wymes, Anna Kidd, Signy Lynch, Ryan Armstrong

Bottom photo by Erin Foley. Actors L-R: Signy Lynch, Damien Doepping, Ryan Armstrong, Samantha Wymes, Brendan Stern

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