Empty Box Theatre Company

A Young Lady's Guide to Vivisection

  Our upcoming production in the Toronto Fringe Festival, 2013!

Tartuffe Empty Box Theatre Company Moliere Keavy Lynch


About Us

Empty Box Theatre Company (Founded 2009) is a non-profit Ontario theatre company that emphasizes storytelling and challenges traditional audience-performer relationships. We are interested in re-staging the classics and creating new collaborative plays. Our work often looks at gender politics, camp, wordplay, mythical and historical themes. Our company is dedicated to colour-blind casting, and featuring the work of artists from all backgrounds.

For audition/performance information, you should also check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Banner Photography by April Capper. Photographs taken at a dress rehearsal for An Ideal Husband (March 2012)
Actors (L-R): 1. Brittany Stewart, Victoria Cutler, Katlyn Jarrett, Hayley Malouin, Marie Johnson. 2. Brittany Stewart, Marie Johnson. 3. Derek Ewert, Kristy Bird, Erik Bell. 4. James Keating, Andrew Berghout, Brent Cairns, Derek Ewert.

Cover Photography by Erin Foley. Photograph taken at a publicity session for Tartuffe (2011).
Actors (L-R): Back Row: Reece Presley, Signy Lynch, Tom Hinchliffe, Mark Rodrigues. Middle Row: Tia McGregor, John Gallant, Samantha Wymes. Front Row: Erik Scribner, Anna Kidd


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